Man Sues Ex-Fiancee For Not Marrying Him

Usually people are just sad for a little bit, get over it, and move on with their lives. Not this guy!!!

She was sued for saying “I don’t.” A Manhattan executive is dragging his ex-fiancée to court after she failed to walk down the aisle. As CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reported exclusively, he wants her to pay tens of thousands of dollars for those broken promises.

Steven Silverstein should be talking about his upcoming nuptials to Kendra Platt-Lee, set for September at a Long Island hotel. Instead, he’s fending off questions about his lawsuit against her. The suit claims Platt-Lee took the money and ran when she broke off the engagement last month. “I was blindsided, I will say that,” Silverstein said. The 29-year-old wouldn’t say much but his lawsuit speaks volumes, claiming the two opened a joint account at Chase bank “…to…

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